Winter also want to wear a skirt? Warm and stylish wear is here,here has Woolen Plaid dress,Pleated Midi skirt,Leather skirt

Winter also want to wear a skirt? Warm and stylish wear is here

Is not some friends wearing skirt all year round?

Then winter wear skirts want to warm and stylish, I recommend everyone to buy these three

Woolen Plaid dress

This year’s hottest element of the grid should be the grid it, Check suit, Check coat, Plaid dress, etc. can be seen everywhere.

Because, in a variety of checkered single product, the checkered skirt most pick the color, relatively easy to control.Plaid patterns can add color for the dark winter ~


Moreover, the plaid skirts are the most difficult to outdated plaid single product, do not worry over two years can not wear.

It has always been very popular, looking past the old photos, these plaid skirts now look beautiful.

Plaid dress is not difficult with. As long as the solid color with the shirt are not bad
Try the Check + Plaid, the challenge of more complex and complicated wind.

Plaid skirt with a small suit, plaid sweater. As long as the color and the size of the grid to distinguish, it will not wear like a suit, easy to old-fashioned

Plaid dress what to buy? Compared to previous years, this year, a bit more popular Midi skirt models, feel more than a short paragraph more knowledgeable. However, a short paragraph will be more suitable for small people ~
Style, you can choose some more sense of design, fashion is not easy to wear a higher degree of old-fashioned.
Asymmetric there are many, with the basic models of small suits, sweaters are very special

Pleated Midi skirt

In the past two years there is a special fire skirt, that is a pleated MIDI skirt.
Pleated Midi skirt fire up is not without reason. Its length is very lovable, to the leg position, whether it is take stockings or take boots, are higher than the thermal coefficient of the skirt.
Compared with many skirts, pleated skirts have a kind of three-dimensional, autumn and winter clothes can make away from boring, looks more lively and interesting.

The warmest match of winter is with coat. Coat length and pleated skirt length of almost walk with the wind.
With Oversize sweater, there is a lazy feeling
Popular pleated skirts these two years have a variety of materials, chiffon, leather, cotton, wool and so on. Different material styles are not the same.
Pleated skirt is easy to put people’s visual focus down, two ways: First, take to improve the waistline Second is to create waist

Leather skirt

In my opinion, the temperature of the leather skirt is more suitable for winter wear. Summer wear a total feel a little hot, winter wear just right.
Winter wear leather skirt can wear black warm socks, two different materials, a hard and soft, with no upsets.
Cortex can also be balanced knit gentle, add a little tough
Of course, the most attractive thing is that it is a very cool leather properties, wear a kind of inexplicable aura.

Leather skirt is not only suitable for everyday wear, but also for party time. Indoor heating in many places, taking off coats and stockings, wearing black boots, you are the coolest party girl friends.
Cortical Midi skirt is also very good looking, Midi skirts can also be matched with high boots.
Again remember a lazy and feminine with the formula: oversize sweater + leather MIDI skirt + coat.



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