Winter wear knee boots, these three kinds of wear will not be the most sexy and elegant

Give you a share of the winter past knee boots of 3 kinds of ways, can be graceful and recreational. Over-the-knee boots and kilts: this should be the easiest and most adorable way to wear a coat, with a coat on the outside. Black knee-high boots short leather skirt collocation, add a black sweater, even if the whole body black, can also is very good-looking, if cold or feel drab, can add a knitting coat outside, have heat preservation effect not only, also can increase the wear a administrative levels. The grout suit is very popular this year, and everyone knows that the plaid is a popular element this year, and you can add a suit to your knees and think of it as a full fashion scene. The most classic and most unlikely thing to do is to wear a knee-length boot with a wool dress.

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