Caramel color so beautiful, with what color can the United States a new height?

Caramel color so beautiful, with what color can the United States a new height?

What is the hottest color you want to say? That must be – caramel color! To know that this color will never last season, more than the attitude of black and white, wearing a coat is also more difficult to hit the shirt than camel ashore.

Caramel color
Warm caramel color, so you look at the cold winter feel warm, but bright enough but significant color, natural reserves of this elegance and temperament.
This glance on the warm color is really suitable for winter, not one, it also belongs to a kind of earth color, is that kind of wild not mistakes, but very significant temperament color
Caramel color depth, for the fair-skinned people, caramel = casually wear, is the obvious white typical style; and skin yellowish people, wear caramel color, pay attention to choose the reddish tone, darker color Caramel color

Caramel color + white

Such as winter snow pure white shirt and pants, with a large mellow caramel color, looks affordable.

Caramel color + black

Compared to the more dazzling fresh white, black even more calm, but also gives the feeling of mysterious warmth, it is suitable for cold winter wear.

shape? At this time, F powder can choose a relatively soft fabric knit single product.
Or choose to do a small leather skirt, so modeling cute, a little wild nature, but also a small woman dress up a way to open.

Or opinion suede matte jacket, the upper body flew gas field can be increased by ten thousand points

Caramel + gray

Gray wild degree Needless to say, caramel color with partial soft gray take, must also be “autumn and winter temperament equipment” one of the important color.
Both colors are neutral, they are relatively soft, and other colors will take a lot of different surprise effects. If you are a little blue

Caramel + blue

Coupled with cowboy single product camel, compared to deep matured navy more youthful sense. Jeans denim shirt with caramel jacket caramel sweater looks stylish and casual, weekends can try ~

Caramel color the same color

The same color caramel color, the use of color depth to create a sense of hierarchy, is a very advanced sense of match, looks warm and elegant temperament.

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