what to weart

A bit soft with a little hard

There’s always some elegant girl who says I’m not fit to wear leather, and punk doesn’t suit me. There are some neutral, tight skirts that don’t fit me. Look at this patterned skirt, a leather jacket, a pair of classic classic boots, a black backpack. Tight skirt and avant-garde leather jacket, perfect collision and neutral style, sexy just right. With a pair of black boots, it is easy to be handsome and beautiful. In addition, we can also buy some nice leather accessories, such as pink slips, shoes, chiffon skirts, etc. These are all good styles.

what to weart

Highlight the collocation of layer feeling

Lift knee boots, perhaps a lot of people’s first impression is, difficult tie-in, dare not easy to touch.

Actually over-the-knee boots can be elegant and casual. The original wool dress and the knee boots are already very good, add an inch sweater dress, highlight the layer sense of the vision, have to say the beauty is over the sky. Just wear a little looser on your knee boots.